This mural can be seen in Old Town Monrovia on one of the walls of Studio Movie Grill on Myrtle Ave. The actual location of the mural is on the south side of the movie theater off of Lemon Ave. in what is called 'Lemon Court'. The mural is situated exactly behind Bella Sera Trattoria on the walkway to the neighboring shops and business.


Clint Eastwood and Frankenstein's Monster combine in this Rick Kess mashup, sculpted in a Jack Davis. Standing approximetly 10” tall casted in dense resin, this figure has been hand sculpted, molded, cast, and painted by Rick Kess. 

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They are available in full color or faux bronze.

In honor of May the Fourth, Neff, Lucas Films, and Disney teamed up to present the Star Wars Legion Art Show at the Robert Vargas Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.  Lucas Fillms distributed over 250 mini Stormtrooper helmets to artists ranging from Star Wars art designers to Disney animators to Neff product designers. Rick was chosen as one of the artisit for this special exhibit. Rick designed his Stormtrooper helmet into a hotrod burning rubber. The entire exhbiit is still touring the world delighting Star Wars fans across the globe. This piece, along with the others can be seen at Star Wars Legion Gallery Part 1 on

For several years the city of Monrovia was visited by  “Samson the Hot Tub Bear” who gained national stardom when he was caught enjoying a local backyard's hot tub.  Most saw him of somewhat of a celebrity so he  was captured and set off to a zoo to live off his remaining years.


To celebrate the legacy of Samson and the 125th Birthday of Monrovia there were Art Bears installed thoughout Old Town Monrovia produced by local artists. Rick Kess was one of the local artist chosen for this event and the bear to the right is the resulting product. The tourist bear was given a permenant home outside of T. Phillip's Ale House where it is enjoyed by vistors and residents to this day.

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Rick Kess has had a long career in the arts, from his early days of animation, his tenure at Walt Disney Imagineering, and his time in Hollywood. Rick's work can be seen on the big screen in movies like ...


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Did you know that Rick worked on the Tim Burton classic Beetlejuice? Fred China of Astoria Studios along with put together this super fan site. The site features an interview with Rick on his work and some personal photos from the production. Check out the site here!