Rick Kess


Rick Kess is the seminal renaissance individual-a sculptor-a painter-a

designer and creator objects as small and intimate as fine jewelry to

huge sculptural creations for theme park companies that have been

installed in locations throughout and around the globe.


As an expert in the realm of both two and three dimensional art forms, he has created a body of work that spans time and is in constant touch with the humor and ardor of life, making his artwork as unique as the artist himself.


His recent explorations in the superflat genre include a whimsical mix of the contented quaff and connect to the whimsy of a good time for all.


Artist/illustrator, concept design, art direction, product design, models/miniatures, design/fabrication, sculpting, scenic painting/murals, animation: For over 35 years, Rick has developed an impressive skills bank which he draws constantly on, not only in commercial applications, but in his fine art as well...

Ever find yourself asking, 'what if '...Rick Kess does; all the time.


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